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Maximize the impact of your contribution
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Basic Transfer is a technology-driven social venture disrupting traditional charity through cash transfers and mobile money. We believe in eliminating the middleman and providing money directly to the people who need it most. Through our web platform, we raise contributions from individuals around the world and then wire cash transfers directly to ultra poor women living in developing countries via mobile payment. Ultimately, Basic Transfer aims to empower the billions of people living in extreme poverty and create a sustainable and scalable poverty alleviation solution.
We define impact as empowering a woman financially in the short term and long term. The ultimate goal of a cash transfer is that it will create sustainable lifestyle in the immediate and long-term for a recipient. Through our platform, each woman receives a total of $200USD throughout a year timeframe. Once she completes her time with Basic Transfer she graduates to a level of microfinance where she is not able to access and afford a microloan. Through our tracking mechanisms, we can measure the effect of cash transfers on women, their households, and their communities and determine the most advantageous product solution.
We use the World Bank standard of extreme poverty that defines the threshold as $1.25 per person per day. This reflects the minimum consumption and income level needed to meet a person’s basic needs. The 1.3 billion people who fall under the extreme poverty line lack the ability to fulfill basic needs, whether that means eating only one meal a day or forgoing health care when it’s needed most.
Cash transfers are made through mobile payments. An individual can make a contribution through the Basic Transfer web platform. That money will be wired directly to the program recipient and she will be notified via text message. Recipients exchange mobile money for cash payments through local payment provider merchants. The Basic Transfer team follows up and tracks transfer recipients throughout the process.


Cash transfers are capital infusions to the ultra poor in the form of cash that go directly in the hands of individuals living in poverty via mobile payment. By not placing restrictions or requirements on aid, transfers empower individuals to make their own decisions and create their own future. Cash transfers are the most researched poverty alleviation intervention and are found to be the most effective.
A cash transfer model is not only an innovative approach to poverty alleviation, but it is a sustainable and efficient model. Studies on cash transfers find that household incomes increase up to two times the amount of the transfers. This is largely due to the fact that households can save for future expenses and invest in things such as starting a business or home repairs. By increasing a household’s income in the present they are able to invest in food, clothing, healthcare and education leading to more savings and sustainability in the long run.
While microfinance may be lifting certain households out of poverty, a number of households still can’t access it or afford it. Most households living in extreme poverty are overlooked by lenders and are not able to pay high interest rates on microloans. Research suggests that microfinance may not be lifting poor households out of poverty rather only non-poor borrowers. Basic Transfer aims to support those individuals that microfinance cannot reach through cash transfers.
Putting cash directly in the hands of the poor empowers individuals by enabling them to spend money on the things they really need. Rather than investing money and time in overhead expenses for traditional international aid organizations that provide resources to large communities and populations, cash transfers allow individual women to spend their entire contribution on their particular basic needs. With the expansion of cash transfers, our long-term goal is for governments and non-governmental organizations to wean back on their international aid services creating a more sustainable and efficient model.
Basic Transfer believes that empowering a woman in result empowers an entire village. Women multiply the impact of an investment and create a ripple effect of positive outcomes from health and education to long-term development and growth. We want to invest our support in recipients who see the greatest impact not just for themselves, but for the entire community, which is why we focus explicitly on women.


Recipients involved in the Basic Transfer program are all women and reside in developing nations throughout the world. Each woman is ultra poor, which means she lives off of less than $1.25 every day. Some of the women are mothers, some are business owners, and some are married. While they all come from different backgrounds they all share something in common: the aspiration to build a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities. All of these women are taking advantage of resources and support from local non-government organizations. Basic Transfer partners with these community based organizations in order to vet out eligible women recipients and facilitate the cash transfer process.
For every contribution you make, 85% of funds will go directly to a woman. The additional 15% goes towards transaction costs, international money transfers, women enrollment, and program expansion into new countries.
Women can use cash transfers for whatever they need. The ultimate goal of a cash transfer is to empower a woman to make her own decisions and support her life however she sees appropriate. There is a substantial body of research indicating that recipients spend money across a wide range of goods and services including food, medical and education expenses, supplies to start a business, home improvement, and personal expenses. Additionally, recipients significantly increase their income and assets over time. And most importantly, research indicates that consumption of alcohol or drugs does not increase for cash transfer recipients. Basic Transfer will track women and your contributions and update you throughout the process.